Thursday, April 03, 2008

What We're Reading Now: Penguins and Plays

This month we've decided to draw book covers of every book we read and display them on our new big bulletin board. We started on the last day of March with some Dr. Seuss books because he was born in March.

Yesterday we finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins which is a classic that I've loved ever since I was a kid. I still think the ending is sad, even though it isn't intended to be. We also read our 25th book in the Magic Tree House series. It's hard to believe we've read so many of them!

Currently we are on a one week Spring Break for our homeschool. Next week we'll be beginning a new year! I'm looking forward to getting into all the wonderful books that arrived with our first ever Sonlight Curriculum. It's funny to me that the girls chose to take a one week break instead of jumping straight into the new year, but they don't realize how much they've been learning and doing this week. Besides reading these two books we also watched a movie about Beatrix Potter and learned more about her. We've done several art projects just for fun. They played Monopoly among other games. They've helped Penny understand some of her math homework. They've been memorizing scripture like crazy for this final week of their AWANA's contest. Danya had her regular guitar lesson, and they all wrote Thank You letters to Anna (the guitar teacher) for the bags full of clothes she passed down to them. Boy, good thing they didn't do any "school work" this week. (hee hee)


cami said...

Did you get Core 3?? You wil LOVe it! We're nearly done with Core 3,moving into some of Core 4, and doing Core 7 and 2 next year. SL is great, we've just loved the books!

Jess said...

We have Core 3+4 which is a combo unit. I guess the history and reading is a combination of both grade levels. The math, science, and language arts is level 4. I'm not sure what level the other stuff would be considered: Bible, music, art.

It all looks wonderful. And the math is the perfect level for them. I'm not sure yet about the language arts for Gloria because it may be too much writing. We may have to modify it or use Writing Strands 2 instead for her. We'll see. I'm so impatient to get started with the books!

April said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you guys!! I am wanting to try some of Sonlight this coming school year. I have looked over there catalog for so long.
We are also keeping with our Five in a Row, it has been one of our favorite things this school year.

I can't wait to hear how you like SL.

christina said...

i was wondering if i could see some of your magic tree house books . i will apy for shipping or if you could bring them in june. i have been seeing them in this catalog but would like to see them and read them alittle before i get them.

Jess said...

Have you checked to see if your local library has any? That would save you the hassle of waiting or paying for shipping.