Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Double Birthday!

We had a double birthday party for Latte and Bunny at Chuck E. Cheese since they both turned four a week apart. We invited my friend Dawn and her 3 little girls and also our babysitters' little sister, Anna. This is the second time Anna has been with us for a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. When we first moved to Colorado Gloria was turning 5 and Anna was our neighbor.

The kids all had so much fun riding rides, opening presents, and eating cake and pizza. The only disappointment was that Chuck E. didn't come out until after we left. It started snowing while we were there. Kevin loved the tunnels and the games, especially throwing ping pong balls, but he threw a temper tantrum every time I tried to sit him on any ride. He was fascinated by a game where you jump up and down on a mat to jump rope virtually. The little girls seemed to love the giant mechanical pony and the stationary virtual roller coaster.

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