Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I'm Reading Now: April 2008

I've been hunting for this book for several weeks and finally found it in the stacks at College Hill Library. It hadn't turned up on their computer catalog search, but it was on the shelf. My trombone player friend from church, Ron, recommended a couple of months ago that I get an "Idiot's Guide" kind of book on music theory. That's what he says he did, and it helped him a lot.

Hopefully, it will help me not have to ask so many dumb questions that all the music majors who sit next to me in the Thornton Community Band seem to know the answers to. I am learning quite a bit about music from them, but it's very humbling having to ask things like, "what does this symbol mean?" and "How do you know if there is supposed to be a second page to this piece?"

At the same time, I'm also reading a couple of books on teaching and tutoring, a book about the Suzuki method of teaching music to very young children, a book about whether actual miracles are theoretically possible by C.S. Lewis, a book using bible verses to get a grasp of what heaven will be like, and also two magazines; Scrapbooks, etc. and Shape fitness magazine. Today I also subscribed to the Sunday paper to help out a Junior in highschool who was very polite and well spoken when she showed up on my door step today. How do I find the time to read so much? Well, I've heard that some people actually sleep, but it's probably highly over rated. Just kidding. Actually, it's amazing the time you find when you turn off the t.v.

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I have a good life said...

Reading is so much more worth your time than watching TV. Awesome job! I'm sure you're learning a lot. Sorry about the loss of date skate. That really sounded fun.