Sunday, April 27, 2008

End of Year Picnic

After the AWANA award ceremony there was a picnic. All the leaders brought snacks and the church provided hot dogs and chips. The kids brought the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies they made and we tossed in a few boxes of snacks that our kids don't like all that much; Yo-gos and fudge cookies.

It was nice to enjoy the good weather and let the kids run around a bit. We had a little trouble getting kids to stay out of the trees and stop running around using sticks as swords, but otherwise it went pretty well. Kevin is making me a bit nervous, though. He is just absolutely fearless. Some kids go through a stage where they must keep their mom in sight at all times. Not Kevin. He will take off and just make new friends where ever he ends up. I think it has to do with the confidence of being absolutely loved and protected at all times. What has he got to fear? It makes me think of our heavenly Father and I know there is a lesson in there somewhere...

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