Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Faces at Church

Today was so much fun. At band practice before services started I ran up to my musician friends and said, "Ask me how many children I have!" It was amusing seeing people who know us watch as we go by with our troop and then do a double take. They start trying to figure out who's new and who's missing.

Daniel was holding "Linus" when Latte's Cubbies teacher came by to say hello. She started to talk to the little boy in Daniel's arms and then paused mid-sentence. She had thought it was Kevin and had just realized that it wasn't. The kids did really well and all of them enjoyed their classes. Just before first service started, though, we had an injury. Ma Bell and Coach were play-fighting over the door to the classroom bathroom when Coach got his hand caught in the door and ripped some of the skin off his finger. Daniel took Coach to the bathroom to get the blood cleaned up and flagged down the children's church leader, Pastor Mike, to ask for a band-aide.

One word that describes life with our new kiddos: Drama, drama, drama.

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