Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cookies and Snacks for All

We've got some events coming up in the near future that require us to bring food. Tomorrow night is the AWANA year end awards night. All the leaders are supposed to bring cookies or other treats for the picnic afterwards. The five oldest kids all worked together to follow the recipe for peanut butter bites which they added chocolate chips to.

In two weeks the Thornton Community Band will perform it's one and only concert at which time I've signed up to bring some finger foods, too. Since I have a large number of bags of trail mix from our last food bank shipment, I thought I'd put a bunch in a pretty bowl and bring that. We're actually trying to eat up the snacks from our last shipment so that there will be room for next month's items. Hopefully the next delivery will have more "real food" and less snacks and junk food. The kids are happy because our answer is "Yes" to every request for a snack lately.

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