Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quest with Columbus

Today we finished the first one of the books we've been reading with our Sonlight Curriculum, Pedro's Journal. The girls really enjoyed the fictional story of a young boy named Pedro who sailed as a cabin boy on Columbus' journey to the "Indies".

Since Sonlight seems to be lacking in fun activities to spice up some of the reading, I've been adding a few projects of my own. We did the art project with the Om-Kas-Toe book and then today we made our own board game about the voyage with Columbus. We used a file folder, some scrapbooking supplies, and a pair of dice. Along the pathway the girls came up with events from the book to make the game interesting. If you click on the photo of the game I think you can read it. We had so much fun making this game!

Here's a fun website where you can read excerpts from Columbus' actual journal: Journal

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