Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Girls in Curls

Tonight was Gloria's "special night" of the week. She decided to share it with Danya and Penny. She wanted to do a beauty night. They especially requested that "Madame Sonja" and "Madame Fifi" be there. Instead of Fifi, we had her daughter, "Madamoiselle Sophie" in attendance. Unfortunately, I learned tonight that after doing a bad Russian accent while painting finger nails, it's very hard to switch over into a bad French accent while doing hair. I end up sounding like a German who says "oui, oui" and "tres bien" a lot. I was planning on doing a bad Irish accent for a new character, "Mrs. O'Malley" who would do makeup, but we ran out of time. The girls looked beautiful with their rainbow colored nails and curly hair. We took pictures since they had to go to bed and would probably squish their curls.

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