Tuesday, April 01, 2008

House District Meeting

Tonight was the first "meet and greet" semi-official get together for HD32, our congressional district. We were able to get Shannon to babysit at the last minute, so we dropped in for a little while. We only meant to stay an hour, but the official business started right about that time. So Daniel called in to work and ended up being about two hours late. Good thing he got some overtime this morning.

While we were there we divided up some of the districts and voted to fill some empty spots. I and another person (John) are going to be the district captains for our area. Daniel and I also volunteered to help canvas neighborhoods and get registered Republicans from our district to sign a petition to elect Jack Knight as our nominee for House Representative. We got to meet him tonight, and he seems to sincerely want to do his best to represent our core values. We also got to meet another John who is running for Senate. He was a very good speaker, and I'd love to hear more about his specific plans if he gets elected.

We're planning to get the older girls to help us with going door to door after we get the petition paper work. I think it will be an excellent introduction to politics for them. We already discuss the issues with them, and of course they ask lots of questions while we're listening to Rush and Hannity in the car. We're also hoping to attend Homeschool Day at the Capitol this month. Danya is old enough to join the political classes for the day which will help her understand government better. I'd like to schedule a meeting with one of our Representatives to talk about allowing foster parents to homeschool their foster kids.

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