Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seeing Spots!

Tonight was polka-dot night at AWANA. Our girls ended up being quite a bit late. We took them to the doctor at 4:30 this afternoon where we found out that Danya has an ear infection and Gloria has strep throat.

So Daniel dropped me off at band practice and took the kids to pick up prescriptions and dinner. He also had to get Latte and Glory new pants. We were in such a hurry to get out the door that no one noticed the horrible stained up pants that Latte was wearing. She has a pile of clothes that she brought with her from her last placement that we don't let her wear normally except as p.j.'s occasionally and this was one of them. Gloria had also ripped a huge hole in the knee of her pants.

When Daniel went to pick up the prescriptions there was a problem, too. They rang them both up and we didn't owe any co-pay which is very common with our insurance. Then they said they rang up the wrong size and did it again and suddenly we owed an $80 co-pay! They called our insurance which was completely unhelpful. We decided to pay it and just fight it out with our insurance later because by this point they were already late and Danya was in a lot of pain.

The girls still wanted to go to AWANA because it was also the night of the icecream party they earned tonight. The doctor said it was okay as long as we kept Gloria separated from the other kids. Unfortunately, the blue face paint polka dots we put all over them turned out to be an issue. Some of the other kids teased the girls and said they had chicken pox. I don't know how I missed all that, but it was also awards night in Latte's Cubby class so we were sort of distracted going back and forth between rooms. Danya was almost in tears over it by the time we got home tonight. It's been a long day and tomorrow is going to be even crazier.


Shannon said...

oooh im sorry.

Glenda said...

Why were the girls made fun of?

Jess said...

It was polka dot night and lots of kids were wearing polka dot clothing or had paper polka dots on. Unfortunately, in the girls age group they were the only ones that actually painted polka dots all over themselves.

On top of that, Gloria has strep, so we had to keep her away from everyone else. So some of the kids put two and two together and started saying that the girls had chicken pox. Danya was upset because they started calling her Chicken Pox. As in, "Hey, Chicken Pox, come here!"