Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Finally Four!

It's been agonizing for poor Latte waiting these past few days to turn four. Bunny has been constantly reminding her and rubbing it in that she is a big four year old and Latte isn't yet. But today was finally Latte's big day!

When she first woke up I gave her a baby doll which was her big present. It comes with a "magic" bottle of milk and is big enough to wear real premie clothing. Then she went to her mom's house for her four hour visit. Her mom threw a birthday party for her with all the neighbor kids and her big sister.

Later, when Latte got home we had icecream and she got to open the rest of her gifts. She was most excited about her Dora movie and her green "flute". Each of the girls has a plastic recorder now that they call "flutes". Latte spent all afternoon marching around the house playing hers. The fun thing is that we were able to find ones in "their" colors, green for Latte and orange for Bunny. Latte is so happy to finally be four, finally a "big kid".

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cami said...

Happy birthday Latte!