Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fair Play

It's been a new challenge figuring out how to share and divide up work and play among the older kids. All four of the biggest want to play a game on the computer at the same time. They have trouble agreeing on what movie to watch, what game to play, whose turn it is, who gets to be the "mom" when they play house. And of course who should help who with certain jobs around the house.

We did manage to divvy up the chores among them. Ma Bell does dishes, Coach has trash duty, Danya's got table, and Gloria is in charge of sweeping the floor. So the kitchen gets done in fairly short order after meals with just a bit of reminding. Typically we rotate chores each month. So now we have to decide if we're going to allow Danya and Gloria to take turns on dishes now. Previously I just kept that as my job because I wasn't sure if they were old enough yet.

Shannon took these pictures while she was at our house today. She brought the kids over to the tennis courts to play with Coach's football. She and Sarah were watching them while Daniel and I went to see "Expelled!: No Intelligence Allowed" which is a new documentary by Ben Stein. It was actually really good, well made, and occasionally surprising.

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