Friday, October 28, 2005

Young Paleontologists

Today was Gloria's actual birthday. She got to open the presents from Daniel and I that she'd been excitedly waiting for. They've been sitting in our room all nicely wrapped and making her crazy that she couldn't open them yet, lol.

One of the presents was the National Geographic "Dino Xcavator" game from Target. It's like "Operation" but with a dinosaur. The girls loved it and I loved that it was a nice culmination to our homeschool week of studying dinosaurs. Next time we'll try playing it with the question cards, but for today they just practiced getting the bones out without touching the sides and making the T-Rex roar!

Some other gifts she got today were two Barbies which she immediately shared with her sister, "one for you and one for me!", a wooden truck for her and Daddy to assemble together (it comes with a screwdriver and all the parts to make a jeep), and a Mickey Mouse "bop bag" that she enjoyed whooping the snot out of all day long. She likes to "punch" our palms and sometimes pillows for play, so we figured it would be a "hit" (pardon the pun) and it was! With these birthday presents she may either be a paleontologist someday or the next "Ali".

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