Saturday, October 08, 2005

Stylin' Sleep Wear

We received some money in the mail recently from cashing in some old IRA accounts that were losing money. So we used most of it to help pay down our credit cards (only $3,000 to go before we are debt free, woohoo!), and used a little bit to get some badly needed new clothes for all of us. We went to Target in Tulsa. The girls picked out these adorable Dora the Explorer pj's. I got a couple of new shirts and Daniel got pants and shirts for work. We looked for a new dresser for the girls, but didn't find one the right size. I really want a tall narrow dresser to fit in their closet like their current one does, but with more drawers in it. We also had popcorn dipped in cheese at their snack bar. It's not very often that we drive to Tulsa to shop, and the girls always ask for this particular treat at the snack bar in Target. We also hit a few other stores, but mostly just shopped there. Daniel did splurge on one item. He got the second season of the Dukes of Hazzard. Our whole family loves that show. The girls can even sing the theme song.

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