Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mrs. Pumpkin Head

We found this little kit to make a pumpkin with the Mrs. Potato Head parts at Target the other day. The girls giggled nonstop putting her together to look like a princess for Halloween. Daniel used a sharp pointed grill tool to poke holes, and then we popped the pieces in. I have to say that this is a much less messy way to decorate a pumpkin. I've put her on our kitchen table because I'm afraid to put her outside. I don't want someone to steal her or break her. There are a lot of teenagers and kids of all ages that live in our area and walk past our house daily.

Speaking of Halloween, we still don't have a costume for Danya. We've tried convincing Daniel that we should all dress up like the Dukes of Hazzard ever since we saw a Bo Duke costume Daniel's size at the store the other day, but he doesn't seem real thrilled about the idea. Gloria said she'd be Boss Hogg and Danya said she'd be Daisy Duke. Nobody wanted to be Uncle Jesse, but I think that would be a great costume! Oh well, we'll keep looking for good ideas.