Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pumpkin Pals

Wednesday morning we joined some other moms and kids from our M.I.T. group at the pumpkin patch in Oologah. It was a unique experience. This was the first patch I've ever been to that had separate little displays set up with a lady at each one and some benches for a little "class". At the first one, the kids learned all about how pumpkins are grown, the parts of a pumpkin, how to carve a pumpkin, and how to cook the seeds. They got to see and touch a pumpkin with the vine still attached and eat some baked pumpkin seeds.

At the second area, the lady had a flute. She taught them the parts of the flute, discussed music in general, and played them a few songs. The kids really loved it when she started taking requests and improvising some of the tunes on the spot! It was so sweet that the kids all asked for bible songs that they knew and loved.

The kids played in a haybale maze and then we all went for a hay ride pulled by a tractor. They also ran through a small obstacle course. A lot of them rough housed on the big teeter-totter. Then the ladies in charge of the pumpkin patch had the kids sit at a picnic table and they served them juice and cookies for free! I was really impressed by the hospitality, friendliness, and organization of the whole event. The girls and I each picked out a pumpkin, then we went out to lunch with my friend, Betsy, and her two girls.

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