Monday, October 17, 2005

Easy Bake Oven

Suuuure, an Easy Bake Oven project can count as Home Ec! We bought Danya an EB Oven a few weeks ago at a garage sale. Monday we finally got around to using it. The girls helped each other make a giant pink cookie with sprinkles. We also let them pick out some new mixes for it last week. They are going to make a chocolate cake for Gloria's birthday.

While baking, Danya got in trouble for something and Daniel asked her what she thought her punishment should be. She said she should go to her room and not get to watch Gloria finish mixing the cookie mix. It's funny how kids will think up tougher discipline than their parents would have had the heart to enforce. So that's what Danya did. She did get to be the one to frost it and add the sprinkles, though. I'm trying to find a place to buy new cake pans for the oven. The one we have is missing one. They sure thought it was great using their little pink Barbie measuring spoons. I've decided that I HAVE to learn how to cook better so that I can teach the girls how.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! I am also looking for cake pans for the barbie bake oven. Was wondering if you had found anything. I am also in oklahoma, the northwest side. And I have a daughter named Jessica. Just thought what we had in common was crazy. Well please let me know if you have any info.