Thursday, October 13, 2005


Target is my new favorite store! We've always liked shopping there, but the closest one was in Tulsa. Now there is a new one that just opened in our town. We went there for the first time this week. I just love Target! We could browse the aisle's endlessly. It's wonderful to have an alternative to Walmart! The girls got a kick out of their two seater shopping carts, and of course they had to sit in them every way except the right way. This picture is looking down into the plastic seat attached to the cart.

We got Danya a big art pad and we picked up some real paint for homeschool art projects. We've been using the little watercolors. We also ate at their snack bar. My favorite things there are popcorn and a pretzel to dip in cheese. It's a once in a while snack, but we all love it. I was kind of worried when I saw that they sold Pizza Hut products there too, but they still had the regular things too. We bumped into a friend from our previous church, Cari, and got to see two of her munchkins. We spent a couple of hours, all told, at Target before we were ready to leave.

Target is definitely going to be on the top of our shopping stops for this Christmas!

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