Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tulsa State Fair

Tuesday was our day at the Tulsa state fair. And I do mean all day. We arrived right at lunch time and stayed until almost 10 o'clock that night. It was sooo worth it! The girls never even got cranky or complained that they were tired. There was just so much to see and do! They picked out their outfits because they wanted to match and they certainly got all the "Are you twins?" comments they could want. What I wanted, and got, was my traditional state fair pretzel. I literally seek out the pretzel booth each year at the fair. They are gigantic and baked right there on the spot hot and fresh. It's the only thing I will eat mustard on all year. I think of it as a hold over from the time I lived in and near Philadelphia and NJ as a child. Here is a brief list of some of the highlights of our day:

1. Danya got picked to make an electricity chain with other kids during a science experiment show!

2. They danced up a storm during the musical performance of the "Raggs Kids Club" band. Here's a link to the Raggs website: http://www.raggs.com/

3. They got fake tatoos, colored fish, built block towers, rode kid-size tractors, milked a cow, planted seeds and "harvested" plastic vegetables.

4. We watched an exciting dog show with dogs that could do back flips and leap over kids to catch frisbees.

We also met a lot of very kind people. When we first parked at the fair and got out of our van, a woman gave us tickets for five dollars off the ultimate ride passes. So we decided to go ahead and get the ride passes for the girls. That meant that they could only ride kid rides since we couldn't go with them on the rides they were slightly too small for. Then when the girls were getting on the swings the attendant told me I could ride with them for free! Glory really wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but couldn't because she had to have an adult with her. Then another woman who was leaving the fair gave us her 2 extra tickets! So Daniel rode the ferris wheel with the girls. The whole day kept going like that. There were generous, friendly people everywhere we went. I love the state fair!

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