Saturday, October 08, 2005

There was an old lady...

We were at Toys R Us looking for a new table and chairs for the girls when Gloria found this mask. We thought she looked so funny that we talked about letting her be one of the older women in the bible for halloween. She doesn't know it, but we already have a costume for her that we'll give her for her birthday. So we put the mask back, but first we let her wear it around the store for awhile.

We ended up deciding against getting them a new table. Instead we just got them some new chairs. Their old chairs were broken. The screws just kept falling out. They've had their little Dora table for about 2 years now. The paint is peeling, but otherwise it's still in pretty good shape. We found some cute plastic Dora chairs for just a couple of dollars a piece. They're kind of flimsy, but the girls like them.

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EatCrayons said...

HaHaHa, entirely too cute! :)