Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cake Trouble

Cake trouble is defined as being on weight watchers, having used all your points for the day, and then having to serve the yummy looking cake at your daughter's birthday.

This post is for Lori, my SDS sister from Boot Camp Buddies. She rightly pointed out that I should be in more photos on my blog. So here ya go, Lori! Trust me, when I'm down closer to my goal it will be impossible to keep me OUT of every photo, lol! In this picture I'm wearing my current favorite pants, and they are snug on me. They're size 18. When I'm down closer to an 8 I will have a deep NEED to show off my cuteness.

In the meantime I'll just rejoice in my almost 12 pound loss over the last 3 weeks! Woohoo! No cake could taste as good as losing the weight feels!

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