Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thoughts Along the Road

Danya says the funniest things sometimes. Today while we were riding along the road she came up with some interesting comments. One she announced in a thoughtful tone of voice while we were parking next to Albertson's to grab some fat free salad dressing.

Danya: "Mommy, I think I know now why you tell us not to touch things in the store."

Me: "Oh?"

Danya: "You always say that if we break something you'll have to buy it. Well, sometimes I think I should break it because then we could buy it and take it home."

Me: "You do?!?" (hadn't thought of that)

Danya: "Yes, but I've been thinking about that. If it was broken, it wouldn't be any fun to play with." (smart kid!)

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