Friday, October 28, 2005

Fart Funnies

My sweet little 4 year old daughter gets piles of presents for her birthday this week. She exchanges two because they are duplicates and uses the money to buy a new game, a doll, and oh yes...a little can of goo for 88 cents. So what is her absolute favorite birthday toy?

Flarp. It even sounds gross. You can hear her maniacal giggles all over the house followed shortly by the squelching bubbling gassy sounds of Flarp. She thinks it's the funniest thing ever made. She smulches her hand down into the can smushing the pink goo to make rippling rat-a-tat-toot sounds and blames it on everyone in the family. She finds it hilarious to say, "Ewww! Mommy! Say Excuse me!" I thought only boys found bathroom humor funny. How wrong I was! Whatever happened to my delicate little princess? Actually, I don't think she ever fit that description. Her Daddy and I are soo proud.

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