Saturday, September 24, 2005

Yard Sales!

This morning we all hopped in the van and cruised around looking for someone else's junk to buy. I got some good books, including some A Beka reading books from a family that has kids attending Rejoice Christian school. I also found a whole box full of National Geographic World kids magazines. Daniel is so good about driving me around to find these. Today there was one on almost every corner! Alot of the time he just stays in the car with the kids and lets me take a quick look. I should seriously start a fund in our budget for garage sales since I enjoy them so much. I look forward to Saturdays all week long. Gloria seemed to think today that since her birthday is in about a month, I should be buying her presents everywhere we stopped. She doesn't know that we bought her one last night. Today we took her to pick out some wrapping paper. She's already telling me her birthday plans. We're thinking about having two parties, one for her friends at our house, and one for family in OKC.

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