Monday, September 12, 2005

Cool Photos - by ME

I've read alot of different articles on photography, mostly scrapbooking related. I've learned neat tricks and ideas like the ones used in these pictures. But I think that I can claim a teensy bit of credit for keeping my eyes open to the picture taking possibilities around me. This picture of Danya, for instance. I've read that a photographer should look for "natural frames" to use in their photos. The problem with this one, though, was that this window was designed to allow kids to look through it to see the Aldabra tortoises at the zoo. My kids couldn't get behind it for me to take their picture. So I shoved my upper body through the window beside this one and took Danya's picture from inside the exhibit. Danya caught on to what I was trying to do and helped by sticking her head out. I bet no one else has a picture like this from the Tulsa zoo! Then as we were leaving I saw our shadows advancing before us as we walked along the pavement towards the exit. I had just been wishing that I could get someone to take a family picture of us at the zoo. When I saw our shadows I decided to eliminate the middle man! I like the results so much that I may just have to take more family shadow portraits!

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Katie Harris said...

Jess- cool pictures! I love the shadow one.

Nope the protest wasn't organized by my school. It was a citywide one, and students were given permission to join in if they wanted (although teachers weren't too happy about it). My buddies and I made the best of that day : )