Saturday, September 24, 2005

Purple Power!

We went for a family bike ride today to try out my new bike. Daniel bought me this new bike last night as an early birthday present. Okay a verrry early birthday present. My birthday is in November, but what I really wanted was a new bike and by then it's a little late for bike rides. I can't wait to get all my little "accessories" put on it! I've got a nice comfy cushioned seat that was a birthday present last year, and some new plush handles that Daniel got me yesterday. Now all I need to do is add a stereo system, lower the frame, and figure out how to make it lift up and down and I'll have totally "pimped my ride", lol! It's purple, my favorite color, so now all 3 of the Elliott girls have purple bikes. The girls decided since our bikes match, we should match, so we declared "pink shirt day" too. I'll enjoy it for now, since they'll outgrow wanting to look anything like their mom soon enough.

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