Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tower of Babel - Elliott Style!

Today we read about the tower of Babel. The girls made "bricks" from playdough, shaping and cutting them out. Then we made our own tower with lots of different kinds of blocks, including Jenga blocks. To illustrate the story, I started talking to Danya and Gloria, then suddenly switched into speaking gibberish. Then we talked about how frustrating it would feel to no longer be able to communicate with others. We wondered if God confused the language of immediate family members, or if he had criteria for the different languages. Could parents no longer talk to their children? We talked about why God did this. Why the people's reason for building the tower was wrong. They really seemed to understand the concept. This was a fun project to work on together. I got the idea from a book called "Forget-Me-Not Bible Story Activities" by Christine Yount. Here's a link to a site discussing the book: Bible Activities

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