Friday, September 16, 2005

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My friend Missy came over this morning with her girls Sara and Sydney. They stayed for lunch, and then we headed out with them to walk Sara to school for afternoon Kindergarten. On the way, a van stopped beside us and it was Azure, our hairstylist friend. She had a hair appointment with Missy and had come early to give Sara a ride to school as a nice surprise. Now that's my idea of a good friend! So we came home and they went to Sara's school. After the girls and I had finished our homeschool work we walked over to Missy's house so that we could ask Azure if she'd cut my girls hair too, while she was at it. She did a great job on Danya and Gloria's hair, as usual. This time, instead of curling under, she made their hair flip up at the ends. It's extremely cute! The girls got to play with Missy's daughter Sydney some more, and with Azure's son, Zack. As for me, I got to "play" with the other mom's. It's really great to have some grownup conversation during the day. With Daniel working days this month, I think I've been missing that. The good news is, that he got his new schedule, and he'll be back on nights next month. We've really been feeling the drop in pay with him on days, since he isn't getting the shift diff. we've come to rely on. With this new schedule he'll be working Thursday through Sunday nights, 10 hours a day. So it's like having an extra long weekend every week, PLUS his new company pays him a little extra for working weekends! God has truly been good, helping us make ends meet this month, but I'll be glad to have Daniel on nights again starting next month. Speaking of work, do you see the small sticker on Danya's shirt? She got that for correctly answering ALL of the addition problems on her flash cards today! Yeah, Danya! And doesn't her new haircut look cute?!

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