Monday, September 12, 2005

Boys in the Park

My bestest buddy Glenda came to Tulsa this weekend! Yippee! I was so excited when she emailed me! Her husband, Eric, had some continuing education classes for Physical Therapy to attend in Tulsa, so she and their two adorable boys came along for the trip. On Saturday we got to meet them at LaFortune Park in Tulsa. Qorban brought a little football and he and the girls had a blast! He is the cutest thing on two feet! He can throw a perfect spiral, pretends to line up on invisible scrimmage lines, and even says "OU" when he sees the Sooners letters. He and his little brother, Caleb, are "all boy". They move faster than the speed of light and climb tall playground structures that you'd never think they could. Qorban is proud to be a "momma's boy", too. He seems confident to try new things and experiences as long as he knows his mommy is somewhere near by. Saturday night we got the privledge and fun of watching the boys at our house while Glenda and Eric went out for dinner. Poor Glenda was almost too tired to enjoy it, though. She is within about 6 weeks of her due date. She's having a little girl this time! Luckily, Daniel had mowed the back yard Saturday morning. So that night Qorban, Caleb, and our girls had a wild time all playing in and on our back yard toys. Caleb especially loved the slide! He would giggle and laugh over and over again every time we helped him slide down it! The next morning Glenda met us at our house and visited our church with us. The boys did really well with unfamiliar Sunday school classes. Qorban seemed happy by the time we picked him up after church services ended. Gloria was ecstatic that her daddy got to be her teacher for the first time in her class. After church we all went out to eat lunch at McAlister's deli (my fave!). Then we hung out at our house until Glenda and the boys had to leave. The girls and I have decided to try and muster up our courage to make the 3 hour drive to their "Tanti" Glenda's house some time soon without Daniel since he has to work days now.

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