Thursday, September 22, 2005

Future Playwrights!

Yesterday Danya wrote her first play! She and Gloria worked out the story together. Then they asked me to help them hang a blue sheet for the "sky" and a green sheet with flowers on it for the "grass". First they pretended they were Pocahontas and John Smith. Then Gloria changed her outfit and became Pocahontas' dad, the chief. Here is an excerpt from the script with Danya's original spellings:

"Pokhenis wones wit owt one day and shee met a boy and shee ast if shee kud kno what his naem wus and he sed yes my naem is Bob."

Here's the translation: "Pocahontas once went out one day and she met a boy and she asked if she could know what his name was and he said, "Yes. My name is Bob."

Later Bob became John Smith and the script grew from there. They really got into the whole thing. I just wished there had been a bigger audience so I could have stood up and said, "That's my kid!" lol. They are so creative!

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