Saturday, September 03, 2005

Danya's Bike! Hooray!

Danya has been saving for this bike for months!! She started with the $20 her Grandpa Richie sent her for her birthday around the middle of June. Since then she has been working hard doing jobs around the house to earn money. She sorts laundry, loads the wash, transfers it, and puts it on the couch. Each of these steps earns her 25 cents. She also cleans up her room and the living room. When we take out the trash, she puts in the new bag. She has washed the bathroom counter, dusted, and helped empty the dishwasher. She has been one busy little girl. Whenever we ask her if she'd like to use some of her money at a garage sale or somewhere else she always says no because she's saving it for her bike. Well, today was the day. She saved up $35 which was how much her sister's bike had cost us a few months ago. The bike was on sale, but not that much anymore, so it cost $40. We covered the extra since we'd told her it was only $35 and we had driven all the way to K-Mart in Tulsa to get it. She is right this minute helping her Daddy assemble the bike. She keeps squealing, "I'm so happy! I'm so happy!"

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