Saturday, September 17, 2005

Scottish Festival!

Today we went to the 26th Annual Oklahoma Scottish Games and Gathering. We had a wonderful time! They really went all out in the kids area. Everything for them was free! They made crowns, ribboned head pieces, and a painted shield. They climbed on giant inflatable toys, and participated in sporting events with other kids. The girls got ribbons for the log toss, relay race, sack race, ring toss, and mini-golf. They got to take a picture with a knight, pet a giant horse, learn about falcons and ancient smithcraft, and listen to Irish and scottish bands. Daniel and I ate giant smoked turkey legs and read about the history of the Elliot clan. Daniel enjoyed watching a man actually hammering and shaping metal on an anvil in a forge! I loved the music and looking at all the beautiful silver jewelry twisted into intricate shapes.

The absolute most amazing moment of the day was when we were watching an Irish band perform and they invited kids to dance up at the front of the stage. Gloria said she wanted to, so I took her up to the front. She got shy, but joined in when a woman in costume took her by the hand and started dancing with her. Then Danya got excited about dancing and joined them. They were the only kids dancing at the front, but they were loving it. Then it got even better! The lead singer called for the three of them to join them up on stage!! So my girls went up there and danced with the lady in green while the band performed! Everyone was clapping and the girls were doing a little jig as the singer called out "kick your feet!". When the song ended he laughingly said that was the first session of the Tulsa Irish school of dance! The girls were breathless and grinning from ear to ear as they came down off the stage. We were so proud of them! Gloria kept doing a pretty little dance as we walked away. You can see her peeking out, wearing a white shirt, on stage in the photo on the right. I love how fearless they are! I hope they keep that boldness and excitement as they grow older! Danya even had the courage to ask a lady in costume to take a picture with her. She also asked one of the handlers questions about the birds when we were looking at the hawks. They are growing up into beautiful, fun loving, wonderful young girls!

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