Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pizza Party!

The girls attended their friend, Myka's, 5th birthday party at Pizza Hut today. Myka's dad is the general Manager there. All the kids got to make their own personal pan pizzas at the party. My girls stuck with cheese only, as usual. They ran around with their little conical hats on and chased the birthday girl all over the store. The party was at 10 am before the store opened, so they had free run of the place. The Pizza Hut here is unique, because Myka's dad turned an unused storage corner in the main dining area into a play place for little kids. It has a small plastic slide and some other toys in it. The kids ran in and out from there to the main party room. Danya and Gloria gave Myka two coloring books and some pretty jewelry. They both came home with a goodie bag and a balloon. This may be the last year that Myka's family has birthday parties at Pizza Hut since their dad is transferring to a store in Tulsa. Daniel and I have both worked at this Pizza Hut for Myka's dad, Mike, at different times over the past few years, Daniel as a driver, and I as a waitress. Today we got a little flashback to those times. Daniel got recruited to work the cut table slicing pizzas for all the kids as they came out of the oven, and I wore out the carpet delivering them to the party room. It was sort of fun, since he and I had never worked there together. Ah, memories!

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