Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Concert

The concert was amazing! Dennis Jernigan is such a wonderful performer! He's been playing the piano for audiences since he was 9, and it certainly shows in his inspired music. He puts so much passion and compassion in his voice and lyrics! Daniel and I were loving the old favorites that we'd sang together as teens, and enjoying learning his new music. Attending a Baptist church, even with a pretty good band, I've really come to miss the spirit filled joyful worship services of my youth. At this concert we were truly rejoicing in the Lord!

I didn't have the nerve to ask Dennis for a photo. That's why this is the only semi-decent picture I have. We did get a new CD of his music while we were there, though. This morning I played it loud while Daniel and Danya went out to get donuts for breakfast. Gloria and I danced and jumped all over the living room while the wonderful praise music filled the house! We danced until we both fell down out of breath! It was so much fun!

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