Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lemonade and Sisters for Sale!

We found a cute little lemonade stand on our way back home today. The girls just HAD to stop and get a drink. I'm a sucker for kids trying to earn some money. Yeah, I'm the easy sell for all the kids in the neighborhood when they're pushing cookie dough and candles for their school fundraisers. We get more cheerleaders, band kids, and girl scouts then you can shake a stick at. Speaking of sticks, I'm right this moment waiting for an order of little magnets sticks and balls that I paid $16 bucks for. I convinced myself that it could be a birthday gift for Gloria AND used for homeschooling. I'm good at justifying paying too much for stuff like that. I will not, however, buy from some strange adult/teenager who shows up at my door pushing magazines or cleaning supplies. When I was a kid my mom says that she got a call from a neighbor (and we lived in the country, neighbors were FAR away) telling her that they'd found me and my brother at their door attempting to sell handmade lunch sack hand puppets. When they said, "No, thank you." we apparently offered to sell them our little sister. I vaguely remember that.

Toni, if it helps any, I now rank you much higher than a hand puppet. Love ya, Sis!

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