Saturday, June 11, 2005

Why I'm blogging

Welcome to my blog! I've been reading about these things forever, and I finally got up the nerve to try it! Here is where I found out how to make one:

So I plan to talk about my daily and/or weekly foray into the world of homeschooling and maybe a little bit about my scrapbooking addiction as well in this blog. I've been researching homeschooling by reading everything my public library has on the subject, which is actually quite alot. One of the best books I read was by Mary Pride. Here's a link to it on her website:
After reading her book I felt like an expert on the subject! What I really wanted though, was to read someone's personal story of how homeschooling went in the beginning for them. For example: their first decisions on curriculum, how they made a lesson plan, where they found materials, what the costs and difficulties were, and more along those lines. So since I didn't find anything like that, I might as well create one for other folks considering the idea!

Feel free to follow along with me as I plunge into this new chapter of our family's life!

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