Saturday, June 18, 2005

Homeschool Pool Party!

We were invited to a homeschool pool party this week! They held it at the Baptist Children's Home. We got to meet several homeschooling families. The swimming was great, but it was funny that the adults with older kids didn't swim. We enjoyed swimming with our new friends, the Millers. Our girls and their oldest daughter played "train" trailing behind Daniel around the pool. Here's a pic of the three of them:
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I really appreciated the opportunity to ask the mom's who've been homeschooling for a long time all my "newbie" questions. One woman there had a 20 year old daughter that she had homeschooled all the way through highschool graduation! Her daughter will graduate college with a bachelor's degree next year! Another woman was pregnant with her 7th child and was homeschooling them all! They told me about the homeschooling group in our area that 15 families in our church are a part of. I think I bombarded them with questions. I'm really glad we went!

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