Saturday, June 18, 2005

Gloria's First Bike!

Today we bought Gloria a bike! We got her a 16 inch bike. It's just the right size, she can reach the pedals, but there is room to grow. We set the seat and handle bars at their lowest settings. She is very excited that her bike is bigger than her big sister's bike. Danya has a 12 inch bike that she got for her 3rd birthday from Aunt Toni (my lil sis). We will have to upgrade hers by next year. Danya's bike is about 2 years old, but this is the first year that she has really had the confidence to ride it very far. Daniel and I wanted to be able to take a family bike ride now that both girls know how to ride. Here is a picture of the girls with their bikes:
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Danya and I assembled the new bike while Gloria was sleeping at naptime. When she woke up she immediately rushed outside with it. Gloria was racing up and down the street! She and Danya took a ride around the block with me walking beside them to help if needed. But about 2 feet after we took this picture, the pedals fell off of Gloria's bike. I hadn't tightened them enough. Also, the training wheels were loose. So after a pit stop back at our house to tighten the bolts we were off racing around the neighborhood! I can't wait for our first family bike ride when Daniel can go with us!!