Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Homeschooling Day 2

Day 2 of homeschooling. We took a family walk, had bible study, read alot and worked on more/less & greater/fewer in math today. For science the girls made a "plant" out of yarn and construction paper today, then labeled the parts (roots, stem, leaves, petals..etc). They also pulled weeds outside with Daniel and looked at the parts with a magnifying glass. We had a great time playing with blocks for math. I gave Danya 4 blocks and Gloria 6 blocks and had them figure out who had more and how to fix it so they had an equal amount. I also gave them 9 blocks and had Gloria divide them equally among herself, Danya, and Daniel. We did lots more block problems like those. They both did great with all the different challenges we gave them! It's amazing how well young kids understand math if you present it in a way that makes sense instead of just throwing numbers out there. When Danya did a math worksheet it had two columns of double digit numbers (she knows her numbers up to 100). She had to circle the number that was less. I had her read the numbers (for example 46 and 82), then I would ask her "Would you rather have 46 bonks on the head or 82?" She had no problem circling the smaller number!! Then I let her think of her own. She said, "Would I rather have to sleep with out my doll 25 times or 54 times?" She completely understood the game! She is so much fun to work with! Also, on our walk today, we went to the convenience store and let them figure out how much of the little candy they could get for a quarter. Danya got 5 pieces of gum. Gloria got one giant piece of taffy candy, but then she sweet talked Danya into sharing a piece of her gum. So I'm not sure who got the better deal!

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