Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Our First Day of Homeschooling!

We began our homeschooling year today! We learned about North America, Christopher Columbus when he was a boy, read chapter 1 of a Magic Treehouse book, practiced letter sounds, and played games and did workbook sheets about "more and less" for math. Then Danya read outloud to us from a children's book. Here is a pick of Gloria and Daddy doing math pages together. He is soo patient with her and she picked it right up!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The girls really enjoyed sitting in a circle, hiding our hands behind our back, then yelling GO! and showing everyone how many fingers we were holding up. Then we counted to see who had more and who had less and who had the same. We substituted berry picking for our morning walk. We learned how blackberries grow and then did a little "Home Ec." by making a recipe from the list we got at the farm. Before heading out this morning, Daniel led us in a bible study time. We talked about how everyone has someone in authority over them. Then we read 1 Timothy 2:1 to learn how we should treat those in authority. "Pray for all people!", and even kings, it says. On the way to the berry farm we made up songs about berry picking! This was a great first day! I did learn that I need to make the history & geography lessons a bit more exciting, but otherwise it went really well.

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