Sunday, June 12, 2005

My Hero, My Husband

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Daniel is the ideal husband in some respects. He completely supports my desire to homeschool. He has been right there with me throughout the exploration and preparation process. He snuggles with me on the couch and listens while I read out loud from the various homeschooling how-to books we borrowed from the library. He took me to our first used book fair for homeschoolers about a week ago. He has gotten me motivated to hunt garage sales for educational books and items, and then gone along and searched through boxes of books with me. He even takes the kids out of the house and does the cooking while I am in the back room surrounded by books and trying to figure out what to teach first, in what order, and on what days. Most importantly, he has encouraged me repeatedly when I worry that I will mess up our children for life, lol.
He informed me this week that I didn't need to worry about science. He is going to take charge of this subject! Also, he announced that we are going to start every morning with a family walk to the park and a short bible study. He works nights, so we will head out when he gets home right after breakfast. Can you believe it? This incredible man works a 10 hour shift and then wants to come straight home for a 20 minute walk with two small children and lead his family in a bible study!
All I can say is, thank God. Thank you, Lord, for this amazing gift I get to call my husband!

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