Thursday, June 16, 2005


Today was day 3 of our homeschooling adventure. We read about Christopher Columbus getting attacked by pirates off the coast of Portugal when he was younger on his way to England. The girls had a BLAST on the bed pretending that they were being attacked by pirates! I got to be the pirate! Danya was Columbus. Gloria started out as a sailor on his ship, then she went overboard and became a pirate. Then, when Columbus (Danya's) ship had been "destroyed" and she was the only survivor, floating in the ocean (blue carpet) clinging to an oar (long pillow), Gloria and I became the Portugese people helping pull Columbus onto land. Now they are watching Peter Pan since it has pirates in it!

We also read about our community and community helpers. They each got to draw a picture of their favorite community helper. Gloria drew Aunt Jennie and Danya drew Tanti Glenda (both nurses). Then we learned about graphs. We made a graph of 3 different kinds of canned food in our cupboard. Then we made a "Good Job" graph that they can mark each time they help around the house. Finally we practiced identifying the numbers 1-5 in English and Spanish.

There were a few other little things, but those were the highlights. It's still hard to believe how much we get accomplished in just 2 hours. We're going swimming this afternoon for Danya's friend, Lillian's birthday party. It's great how much time we get to spend as a family and STILL get our school time done. And the girls keep showing me how much they are really remembering! They remembered learning two days ago that sailors in Columbus' time called the unknown part of the ocean the "sea of darkness". Gloria remembered that they thought it was full of sea monsters and Danya remembered they thought it had "boiling spots". So far, I am loving the homeschool experience!

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sounds like you are having fun and teaching them a lot.