Monday, June 13, 2005

Games We Play

We are constantly playing games with our kids. I think it's possible that my dh and I may reach a point where my kids are embarrassed by all the silliness, but I'm gonna live it up while they're little!! We make little "footballs" out of our straw wrappers at restaurants and use our hands to make "goals". Then we take turns flipping the paper into the other team's goal. This is great for keeping them entertained while we wait for the food to arrive! We also play "Who Can Find?" This is simple. I say "Who can find.." and then look around the room and name something. Ex: Who can find something that is square? made of wood? pink? etc. Then the kids race to be the first one to find something that fits the description. I usually find something that each kid is wearing also. In the car my dh and I play word games to keep alert on long car rides. My kids have started joining in too. We play "Find the ABC's" on signs and license plates. We assign each person a color and count the passing cars. We play who can think of the most cliches and proverbs. Or finish the cliche. Ex: I'll say "no use crying over..." and he'll have to answer "spilt milk." Then it's his turn. We also play hide and seek, playground tag, and Betcha - which is a game based on the old Shari Lewis song, where we say "I betcha you can't do this!" and then we do silly things like crossing our eyes or hopping on one foot with a beanbag balanced on it. We play ring around the rosies and london bridge. I think getting to play kid games is part of the fun of having kids in the first place! I taught my 3 yr old to wink today as a Betcha. She was so excited!

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