Sunday, June 12, 2005

Best Wife and Mother

Image hosted by From: Daniel (age 28)

Jessica is the best wife I could hope for and a great mom to our Girls. Jessica is very capable at managing just about anything. I have crazy hours and work most weekends. She helps manage our time and activities. Jessica is an amazing Woman. She takes care of all of us. She helps to make sure we see family and friends. I would be lost with out her. She has done a great job on the scrapbooks for our family and won some prizes on some of the layouts. I do not seem to tell her enough how much she means to me. I have great confidence that she can do any thing she sets her mind to. She has taught her self a few hobbies and is great with languages. Jessica loves to read and always seems to be learning, even when it is just reading a book for fun. I wish I could read as well as she can.

Image hosted by From: Danya (5 years old)

She is the best mom ever. She likes to help us tie are shoes and play with us while getting us ready. We love our mom and love to play with her. She loves doing our hair. She loves how we play together. She likes to sing our lullabies. She likes to see us when she has not seen us in a long time. She likes to help us with making stuff and with writing and stuff. Whenever we need help she will help us. Whenever I am sick she takes care of me and does not leave me alone and she helps me. She loves to play... she loves our dances. She loves the color purple. She love the way we are good to each other and can be nice to her, and love each other. We are just so happy when she is with us. She helps us learn.

Image hosted by From: Gloria (3.5 years old)

She is the best mom ever, and we love her so much and she likes to play with us. We like to love her. We like to play games with Her. We love you Mom. She loves us and likes to sing songs with us. She loves are shoes. She likes our songs; we like to sing with her. She likes the cards we make. We like to bonk heads together. We like to play games on the computer. She likes to hug us.

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Jess Elliott said...

How sweet is this?! I came home from a meeting at church and found this when I checked my blog! I literally sat here at my PC bawling like a baby. I was trying to read it out loud to my girls, because they asked me to, and I couldn't even speak clearly. The girls came over and hugged me. Danya patted my back. Gloria wanted to know why I was crying. Danya said, "because she's happy!" I guess she knows her mom pretty well by now!