Sunday, June 12, 2005

A letter to my daughters

I wrote this for a scrapbook page last year. Now that we've decided to homeschool, I think it is even more relavent. This is excerpted from a mini album I am making for my daughters called "Advice from Mom". It has important messages to my daughters in case I'm not around to deliver them in person some day.

SCHOOL- Never settle for less than your best. But also avoid the pride and, frankly, delusion that you are the best. I went between two extremes in school. I started out believing that I was super smart and always at the head of my class. That’s okay as long as it doesn’t lead to the idea that you are somehow better than others. Remember that intelligence is like a beautiful plant given to you by God. You didn’t make it. It is a gift. Yours is not necessarily better than someone else’s, just different. And if you do not nourish it, be certain that it will wither. As I grew up, through a series of uncaring people in my life, I began to believe that I was not as smart as I thought I was and that no one really cared if I had excellent grades. I felt like I only needed to be mediocre to pass and no one would notice. This was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made. Do not let people or the enemy or your own negative thoughts and feelings cause you to falter. Good grades and good learning/study habits will help you in every area of your life. Set a goal for yourself as young as you can. You don’t absolutely have to be certain of what you want do for a living, but it helps. If nothing else, decide where your interests lay, then study hard and take extra classes that will give you a strong foundation toward that future. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not “college material” and don’t wait for someone else to hand you applications for grants, special classes, or colleges. Never let someone else do your work for you. I don’t mean not to ask for help. I mean don’t cheat. Don’t expect someone else to take the lion’s share of a joint project. Don’t wait for the school councilor to hold your hand and show you what you should do with your life. Don’t say I can’t do something because no one will teach me how. Teach yourself. Or go find a teacher and convince them to teach you. Your future will not be handed to you. You will either go out and boldly reach for the one you want, or live with whatever you stumble into later. Finally, remember that you are not alone. Your Dad and I and many other family and friends are all here for you. We want to help you in any way possible. So if you have questions, come to us. No matter what you are or do, you will always have the love and support of your family. But if you feel lost and directionless your best source for guidance is always your heavenly Father. God has the absolute best plan for you. Feel free to ask Him and expect an answer. Trust me, He’s just waiting for you to ask. But don’t be surprised by the answer you get. You may find that it’s not
what you expected. But you can be certain that His plan is the one that will make you the happiest and the most fulfilled. -March 24, 2004

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