Sunday, June 12, 2005

Scrapbooking Current Event

Currently I'm waiting anxiously to find out whether or not I will make it onto the design team at . The news will be announced on Wednesday, June 15th. They are looking for 4 new team members. I think the wait may possibly kill me, lol!

So the pages I submitted are some of my personal best, in my opinion. It's funny, a few years ago I submitted to the Creating Keepsakes hall of fame and had a very difficult time with one of their requirements. They wanted my pages to be unified by having a common style. I had to figure out what my personal scrapbooking style is. This may sound simple, but to me that's like asking me to define my reading style. Yes, I have a preference of science fiction and fantasy, but I also enjoy a very wide range of other reading material. How can I possibly narrow it down?? But when I submitted for this contest last week, I looked at my pages and realized that, yes, I do finally see clearly what my scrapbooking style is. Clean, symetrical, elegant pages.

This made me think. Is this the only subject I've become more focused in? Now I'm looking over the last few years of my life and seeing it in a whole new light. I think that maybe I've finally figured out a few more things; my parenting style, my "style" if you will, of Christianity, my style of dress, and even my style of friends. I'll be 28 this year. I guess I'm finally hitting that point of no return on maturity and have become comfortable with who I am.

What do you know? Scrapbooking as a guide to understanding life!

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