Wednesday, July 30, 2008

POD: Famous and Cultured

Well apparently I'm not only vaguely famous, but apparently cultured, too. The girls spotted my photo today (well, the top of my head anyway) in an article about the Thornton Community Band in a quarterly magazine sent to the residents of our city called "Inside Thornton".

Daniel says that I should let anyone know who's trying to follow along with my POD challenge that I'm giving them 24 hours from the time that I post to actually make a comment since sometimes, like today, we're so busy and I'm so exhausted that I don't get a post out until the end of the day.


SocialPhobic said...

That was a good find! Your famous now. :)

Dreama's Thoughts said...

I have a famous friend WOO HOO!!! lol

April said...

How cool is that!! Did you get some extra copies to mail home to family?