Thursday, July 10, 2008

Totally Two

Kevin flew into his terrible twos recently with a bang. He's telling us "No" constantly, sneaking into the bathroom to knock the toilet paper into the sink, throwing toys, and crying every time he doesn't get his way. Actually, if you won't give him something he wants he'll give you a hard look and warn you, "I cry..."

His birthday party, on the other hand, went just fine. Wednesday we had pizza at Strickland Park in Stillwater with Glenda and Christina and their kids. I was feeling terrible at the time, so the whole thing only lasted about an hour. It was sticky hot outside and the kids were rolling little cars and bouncy balls down the skateboarding ramp. Kevin had a "Cars" party and loved all his gifts.

Thursday we had a smaller family party around dinner time. Missy and her kids drove up for it. My mom brought water balloons which kept the older kids happy. She and my sister Toni gave Kevin a new Big Wheel trike with lots of sound effects which made Kevin happy. He also loved sticking little cars into his birthday cake. We made one cake for each day, so he got to do it twice. He had been saying for weeks, "My birt-day tomorrow?" He even sings the Happy Birthday song to himself in the van everywhere we go. It's a little hard for him to understand now that his party is over.


I have a good life said...

Little D is a terror, too, and he still has almost three months until his birthday! UGH!

At least he was great for his party! :) Today is C's birthday, but LD has been singing the birthday song all day long!

SocialPhobic said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

cami said...

Happy birthday Kevin!