Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bad Influences

Two of the craziest, most out-going, fun people I know got to meet each other at Kevin's birthday party last week. My sister Toni and my friend Missy. They are both what you'd call a "people person" and both enjoy shocking me whenever they get the chance.

So we ended up with them chasing me through the house with an open water balloon while I tried to cop out by yelling, "You can't squirt the pregnant lady!" Then Toni went outside and rescued Gloria off the roof of the play structure out back where the other girls had cornered her with water balloons. While trying to chase them down Missy's daughter, Sara, got a direct hit on Toni's shirt with a huge water balloon. She was soaked! Missy was laughing so hard she could barely stand up until Toni gave her a big hug and transferred the wet all over Missy's shirt.

Then when I asked Missy to pose for a "friends photo" with me this is what I got. That's it. I'm never getting those two together again. My good influence just seems to have no effect on them. :)

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