Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Wheels

We've been shopping around for a second vehicle for quite some time now. Yesterday we found what we were looking for. It's a 96' Ford Escort LX in good running condition. It's got some cosmetic problems and needs one or two minor things fixed, but it serves it's purpose. Daniel needs it as a commuter car for work. We're hoping that this car will save us enough in gas over time that it will cover the cost of insurance, tags, maintenance, etc. The purchase price? Only $750. We got the emissions testing, insurance, tags and tax all taken care of this morning in about an hour. The fun part? It's a standard. Daniel and I haven't gotten to drive one of those in years. We've been having fun relearning the process.

1 comment:

Ken said...

Looks good, and great call on the manual transmission as ford seemed to know what they were doing. The automatics on the other hand.... well if you remember my old blue tempo, i went through 4 transmissions in 200k miles. But then i probably bought the car that was made at 4:58 on a friday afternoon. lol

Looks like a great deal and will get good mileage.